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Emirates Towers are among the most distinctive pair of skyscrapers in the world. The office and hotel towers rise to 54 storeys (354m) and 56 storeys (309m) respectively.
The buildings are clad in silver aluminum panels and silver and copper reflective glass.

The towers rise from a three-storey terraced podium, which houses a luxury boutique retail mall with restaurants and cafes, set within lush landscaped gardens, including waterfalls and ornamental lakes. Flanking each tower are low-rise crescent-shaped parking structures reminiscent of the crescent moon islamic smbol.

In 1997,two contractors were awarded the contract for the construction of the two towers - Multiplex for the Office Towers and Retail and Besix 6 construct for the Hotel Towers.

Completed some 10 years ago, Emirates Towers remain soaring symbols of Dubai and are still one of the most recognizable features of the Dubai skyline.