We strive to be different. Unique in a world that supports it as well as forces us to be so, in order to find success - Success, in the form of recognition and respect for the effort and for the ability to escape the confines of established idealisms. Most of us look upon change with bleary eyes and gaunt countenance, and yet rise above what we once thought walls insurmountable. Those pioneers who drive this transition introduce new concepts that confound the cemented minds and ignite the creative inferno within those who cower beneath the deceptively protective wings of tradition, giving them a chance to be themselves.

In Architecture, the 'concept design' forms the zygote of the building's gestation period. The mother, being the concept designer decides whether or not to abort depending upon the critical reception of their clients. But there are the few rebels, whose motherly instincts go beyond the necessity for public appreciation, who choose clients who concur with the idea they have conceived. Their belief in themselves and their products is the core of all good architectural creativity. If this ever neglected fact is forgotten, we will see the perilous signs of design melancholy and monotony.

There are also times when the client, unleashes the ambition within concept designers by illustrating their visions for construction. The rulers of the U.A.E are stalwarts in this particular area, for their visions have manifested steadfastly before us, competing with the biggest and the grandest structures in the world. Many a conceited mind would have laughed at the possibly of the desert lands of the U.A.E ascending to the heights that it has risen to; but it is quite obvious who is laughing now. One cannot deny the feeling of wonder and exhortation when standing amongst such buildings as The Empire State Building in New York, The Burj Khalifa and The Burj Al Arab in Dubai . These are the achievements all architects aspire for. They seek for their own ideas to be venerated as the fore mentioned structures are.

Mediocrity is the fatal disease all of us must fight against. When failure heaps on, we find solace in the fulfillment of vague client demands and small minded establishment. The dangerous thoughts of 'It puts food on the table' 'I'm making enough money' and 'It's what the client asked for', leech at one's creativity until finally they become mere shells of the men they once were. The concepts put forward must be garnished with one's personality, only then will we see designers blossom and feel confident in the ideas they put forward.

The modern architectural world is heading towards a future that is yet to be determined. Concept designers are placed in the driving seat where effusion and courage is the need of the hour. I look with eagerness to a future where the buildings i walk under, impress upon me feelings of marvel and inspiration.

By Leander N. Dias